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Mystic Circle

A couple years ago, I sat down to write a memoir, not knowing where it would lead. Next came a blog, which I was told was the best way to attract publishers and build an audience. Not sure of my niche yet, I blogged about everything—spirituality, nutrition, events around town–but the posts which received the most attention were the ones about dating; so naturally, I began to write relationship columns for several magazines. Little did I know I would soon be receiving letters from men and women all over the country asking for my advice.

Then something happened—I got tired of talking about myself! While I started out as a girl writing a memoir to heal herself, I evolved into a woman who was more interested in helping others heal.

Setting out to help people live more meaningful lives and have more fulfilling relationships, I soon became a certified Spirit Junkie Masterclass trainer with Gabrielle Bernstein. I later enrolled in a Life Coaching Program taught by fellow Spirit Junkie and business mentor Amanda Frances.

Credentials aside, I would really like to give credit to my teacher and inspiration, best-selling author and spiritual leader Marianne Williamson. After years of sitting in on her lectures and workshops, I was able to work with Marianne on her Congressional campaign and was lucky enough to interview her for Viva Glam Magazine. Marianne has taught me so much about love, miracles, and being a woman who really stands for something.

When it comes to relationships and male/female psychology, I’ve learned from the master, Dr. Pat Allen, a.k.a the Love Doctor. Dr. Allen is whom I turn to when I need relationship advice. Gotta listen to a woman who is still casting love spells at 80!

Although I originally set out to work with women, I generated quite a large male following due to my “Love, Sex & Magic” column in Southern Vixens Magazine. Of course, it was easy for me to share what I look for in a man and stories about how all those poor guys got it wrong. However, aside from my own life experience, I was one of the few women allowed to sit in on workshops led by world-renowned pickup artists, even attending their official conference last year in Las Vegas. That experience provided me with valuable insight for both my male and female clients.

Lastly, I look at my career as a Pilates instructor/personal trainer as a training ground. Throughout the years, I discovered that people tend to really open up to me and leave my sessions feeling happier and brighter. My clients would often joke that they should pay more for life coaching or suggest I become a counselor. So I decided to expand my repertoire to offer a complete body and soul experience. If you’re lucky enough to live in L.A., come feed your soul while you work out! And for those of you out of town, I offer life-coaching sessions via phone.

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How I Can Help 

*Knowing Your Self Worth
*Partner Attraction
*Choosing the Right Partner
*Creating Magic in Your Relationships
*Making All Your Relationships Sacred
*Owning Your Sexuality
*Letting Go of Toxic Relationships
*Male/Female Communication
*Making Empowered Decisions
*Living Life with Purpose
*Saying Good-bye to Your Fears and Limiting Beliefs
*Learning How to Tap into, Follow, and Trust Your Intuition
*Breaking Old Patterns
*Getting Over a Break-up
*How to Forgive (The Key to Happiness)
*Manifesting More Miracles in Your Everyday Life
*Creating a Happy, Healthy Body

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One thought on “About Me

  1. Need help with love..sex..and dating as I am a single 42yr old athletic very active man…who can’t find a woman to keep up with my sexuall desire….


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