When the Universe Calls

When the Universe Calls

When I first started blogging, a writer friend asked me if I was afraid I would ever run out of ideas. I actually never run out of ideas (I only run out of the ones that won’t get me into trouble). When I’m in writer mode, my wheels are always turning. The words are often rolling around in my head before I get a chance to sit down to write. As a result, I sometimes feel less present, less social, and more absent-minded in my every day life. This summer, I wanted to turn off the chatter in my brain and take a step away from my laptop and really live.

I’ll be the first to admit, I fell into some bad habits this summer. I went out too much. I drank too much. I left people crazy drunk messages. I lost my cell phone. I ate pizza at 2am. I was having fun, but I also felt guilty. Not only did I feel guilty about not taking better care of myself, I felt guilty for not being more productive.

Now I’m a mystical girl who believes everything is a sign. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe there are no chance encounters. I believe everyone is put in your path for a purpose. And I believe that angels speak through people.

So one night in June, while I was out and about, I met a Hollywood producer who had an idea for a project with one of my favorite authors and was wondering how to get in touch with her. I happened to do some volunteer work for her, so I gave the producer an email address where she could be reached. The next day, I received the most beautiful email from the author, a woman whom I admire tremendously. The thought crossed my mind, “Is this a sign? Is the universe telling me I should sit down and write something?” The thought was fleeting, and I kept partying.

About a month later, mid-July, I met a handsome surgeon at a restaurant. I was downing vodka sodas while he gave me an amazing shoulder massage. I don’t remember our conversation that night, but I highly doubt it was anything even remotely spiritual. To my surprise, when he came to pick me up for a dinner date a couple days later, he handed me a book on meditation. He probably thought, “This girl is so wild, I need to teach her how to meditate to calm her down.” While I hadn’t stopped meditating completely, my twenty-minute sessions had fallen to five minutes, sometimes twice a day; nonetheless, I took this gift as a call from the universe to step up my meditation game.

Signs often come in threes, and the angels often speak to me through my dates. A few weeks ago, a date took me to dinner at Cleo in Hollywood, where my girlfriend used to work. My date asked me if I had been there before. I told him, yes, I had, explaining that my girlfriend used to work at that restaurant. My very curious date wanted to know where she worked now. I told him it’s funny he should ask and explained that she is now a full time Akashic reader.

For anyone not familiar with the Akashic records, the records are a metaphysical library containing archives of each individual soul and its journey. Sounds a little out there, right? Well, after explaining this to my pretty straight-laced date, instead of thinking I was crazy, he told me that he thought it would be something I would enjoy and be really good at.

My girlfriend had actually invited me to take the course to become an Akashic practitioner. I was interested in the class, but I had already taken several certification programs in the last year and felt I needed to chill out on courses. However, the fact that out of all the restaurants in Los Angeles, he chose Cleo, where my friend had worked, I felt as though the universe was telling me I needed to take that class, which coincidentally started the following weekend.

After taking the Akashic practitioner course, I immediately felt re-aligned with my purpose. I was much less interested in partying and dating, and far more interested in practicing my Akashic readings. I felt like myself again; I felt creative; I felt focused; I felt inspired; I felt ready to get back to work.

Marianne Williamson always describes the universe similar to a navigation system. If you steer too far off course, the universe will always recalibrate. I might get a little wild at times. I might drink too much. I might have too many dates; but when the universe calls, I’ll always come home♥

“My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.”~ Anais Nin



Leftover Fish

Leftover Fish

Over the summer, I went on a few dates with a guy who was physically my type. We always had a lot to talk about, and I found him to be a better communicator than maybe anyone I had ever dated. He was in great shape, waking up every morning at 5am to swim before he went to work. He had a beautiful home, just minutes away from my apartment in Beverly Hills, but was more of a casual type of guy. He always took me to restaurants where the food was good, but not exactly the hottest spots in town, which of course, was fine with me. However, the night of our fifth date, he texted that he was too tired to go out, but invited me over to watch a movie and eat some leftover fish.

LEFTOVER FISH??? Now, I’m not above a movie night or even leftovers, but leftover fish did not sound appealing to me at all. Seriously, is fish even good the next day? I told him I would come over to watch a movie, but that I would make something at home for dinner.

While I was getting ready, my mom called asking if I was going out that night. I told her my date was tired, so he invited me over for a movie and some leftover fish. My mom squealed, “Eeeew. Leftover fish???” Then she confirmed what I had been thinking myself, “This guy really isn’t trying to impress you.”

And Mom was right! If he wanted to stay in and have leftovers on our fifth date, I hate to imagine what would have happened once things settled in. And, sure, he was nice, but why would I want to stay in watching Netflix with a guy who doesn’t even bother to order me a fresh meal when other guys are inviting me to places like Nobu, Mastro’s, Brazil, and Tahiti?

When one of my single male clients asked what happened to the guy I had been seeing, I told my client about the leftover fish. I explained that it just didn’t seem like the guy was putting in much effort. My client said, “Well, yes, the leftover fish was a mistake. He shouldn’t have done that.” Then he added, “You’re the kind of girl who likes to be wined and dined, aren’t you?”

Why, yes, I am that kind of a girl!

That being said, if I really like a guy, I’m perfectly happy eating delivery. So, guys, let this be a lesson. Ordering take out is perfectly fine, but please don’t serve a girl leftovers. The only time leftovers are acceptable are if you ate the original meal with her in the first place.

And, ladies, always remember you are so much better than leftover fish♥

More Dates than Taylor Swift

Taylor & Her Dates

On a recent trip home to Chicago, while we were all sitting around the dinner table, my very sassy six-year-old niece rolled her eyes, telling the family, “Amy has more dates than Taylor Swift!” We all thought it was very funny, although I’m not sure where she is getting her information from since I’ve only introduced her to one guy in all of her six years on this planet. However, I have a confession to make: It’s true–I really did go on more dates than Taylor Swift this summer.

Let me begin by saying, I’ve always been, and still remain, a one-man kind of woman. However, my therapist, Dr. Pat Allen, invented a concept she calls “duty dating.” Before entering a committed relationship, Dr. Allen encourages women to date multiple men (of course, no sex before commitment) to practice their dating skills, and more importantly, to keep from obsessing over one person. She explains, “Duty dating is when you hope the guy dies in the restaurant bathroom.” She also says that because it could take up to three dates for the chemistry to grow, surprisingly, many of these “duty dates” ultimately turn into long-term relationships.

Personally, I don’t need any more practice dating, and I’m too easily annoyed to go out with guys I’m not interested in. However, I do feel as though maybe I wasted time being so loyal to men who weren’t worthy; so this time around, I took Dr. Pat’s advice to heart and decided I wasn’t going to commit myself so easily.

As I’m writing this, I realize I’m sounding a bit boy crazy. For anyone who knows me, for two whole years, I stayed in almost every night, writing a book and didn’t have much of a social life. After I took a little hiatus from writing, I began to see someone exclusively for six months. During this time, I was working on my personal training credential and took a life-coaching course, so there still wasn’t much time for going out. When that relationship ended at the beginning of this summer, I felt like I had to make up for lost time.

So, in the true spirit of Taylor Swift, I decided to “Shake It Off” and have a really fun and WILD summer. The universe clearly didn’t want me pining away over anyone either because as soon as I stepped on the scene, I was like a magnet. I had men following me out of restaurants. My guy friends were professing their love for me. Two guys even got in a fight over who was going to buy me a drink at a bar. I felt bad for the guy who broke his hand, but I didn’t go out with either one of those two.

I want to be clear that I don’t think I was in such high demand because I’m so amazing—I think the lesson is that when you’re strong enough to let go, new opportunities will always present themselves. I believe the universe was showing me it was in support of my decision to move forward and was keeping my calendar full so I didn’t look back.

I must admit, it did take me a few weeks to get a hang of this “duty dating” concept. First, I accidentally sent a very personal text to the wrong guy. I was completely mortified, but it did make us closer and give us something to laugh about. The next evening I had dinner with someone else and called him by the wrong name. I even mistakenly double booked a couple times. Although it was against my nature, I did finally get the hang of dating more than one guy at a time. Out of all the dates I had this summer, there was only one guy I actually hoped died in the bathroom.

As summer is winding down, I find myself returning to my authentic self—the girl who would rather be home with her nose in a book than out at a nightclub. Although I understand Dr. Allen’s theory, as an introvert, I was starting to find all that dating to be a bit exhausting and found myself craving some more quiet nights at home. However, I do think “duty dating” has its place, for instance, after a breakup, or if there’s no one that is really standing out from the crowd, then keep dating until you find a guy who does. Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe that if you meet someone that you have a special connection with, you should focus on him and only him–unless he’s not giving you enough attention. In that case, “duty date” your heart out!♥